For use with DuScriptUI.
An Small Button.
This is not a real class, and cannot be instanciated.
Use DuScriptUI.smallbutton to create a Small Button.
The Small Button inherits the Group object from ScriptUI and has all of its properties and methods.

# new DuSmallButton()

Name Type Description
helpLink string A URL to a help page, shown on shift click on the button.
label StaticText The label
value any A user value stored in the button, which is passed to the onClick method
onClick DuSmallButton~onClick The function to execute when the button is clicked

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Type Definitions

# onClick(value)

The function to execute when the button is clicked.
The implementation of this function can take one parameter which is the used defined value of the button.
Name Type Description
value any The used defined value of the button

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