An OCA Layer
This is not a real class, and cannot be instanciated.
Use DuOCA.load to create an OCA object containing the layers.

# new DuOCALayer()

Name Type Description
name string The layer name
frames Array.<OCAFrame> The keyframes of the animation for this layer.
childLayers Array.<OCALayer> The child layers if this layer is a group.
type DuOCA.LayerType The type of the layer. See the Layer Types section below
fileType string The type of the files used for the frames. The file extension, without the initial dot.
blendingMode DuOCA.BlendingModes The blending mode of the layer
inheritAlpha bool The inherit alpaha option (preserve transparency)
animated bool Whether this layer is a single frame or not.
position Array.<int> The coordinates of the center of the layer, in pixels [X,Y] in the document coordinates.
width int The width, in pixels.
height int The height, in pixels.
label int A label for the layer.
opacity float The opacity, in the range 0.0-1.0
visible bool True if the layer is visible
reference bool Whether the layer is a guide or reference, and should not be rendered.
passThrough bool Whether the layer is in pass through mode. Only for grouplayer.

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